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Save Water Now!

We have made great strides in their commitment to water conservation and are embracing wise water use as a daily habit.

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How to participate?

You can make a difference today
with this easy steps


Check the conditions of the water pipes around you with our AI Engine

  • Visualize the AI-powered risk assessment of your neighborhood, utilize our engine to identify infrastructures with high break risk
AI Powered Risk Engine

Sign the petition to encourage your local water utility to sign up to Fracta Ai

  • Sign the petition, people deserve to make sure that their money is invested into the infrastructure effectively and efficiently

Take action by contacting your
local water utility

  • Ask them if they are aware of the advantage of Artificial Intellegence and how this can be very beneficial to save taxpayers money

Refer your local water utility to
Fracta Ai for a free trial

  • Email us your local Water Utility Company details along with any relevant information you might have
Refer local Water Utility